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Measures to protect against COVID-19

Read interesting articles in the web and find out more about conservation, fascinating nature, actual life in Bayanga and what is done to avoid COVID-19 in Dzanga-Sangha

The European Union published an article about our work in the COVID-19 pandemic.


In particular about the involvement of the community on the ground, how we reach people and what measures we take to protect people and animals together.

 published a story by Martina Lippuner, Communication Manager Africa WWF International.


Read about her exciting impressions just before the world was brought to a standstill in march. Especially about her visit to the rainforest together with the youth group Ndima Kali and Doyenne Henriette Memba.


They belong to the BaAka, the true nature conservationists in the region.


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Makumba passed away

Makumba, we’ll never forget you

Deciphering the Secret Language of Forest Elephants

Elephants don't just trumpet loudly. Much more often they communicate through a low-frequency rumble, which we humans often do not hear, but can sometimes feel.

Is it a boy? Or is it a girl?

Even habituated gorillas remain wild animals and can only be observed from a distance. That's why trying to identify the sex of a juvenile gorilla is like a game of chance, and even trained observers can hardly get more than a fifty percent hit rate.

Research at Bai Hokou and Mongambe

written by Lara Nellissen

Successful rescue in Dzanga-Sangha

DSPA ecoguards helped to rescue a BaAka girl who had been kidnapped near Bayanga, the main village in Dzanga-Sangha, in late January 2021.

African elephant under pressure

African elephant species now Endangered and Critically Endangered - IUCN Red List